Startup Law – How Startup Law Practice Works

While I mostly focus on writing and sharing information about startup law and financing issues for an entrepreneurial audience, I occasionally write about the practice of startup law.  Below are my favorite posts on startup lawyering, and how entrepreneurs should assess lawyers when seeking legal help for their own companies.

Why I left a Big Law Firm, but not BigLaw – Traditional BigLaw and traditional BoutiqueLaw don’t properly serve startups.

The Economic Deflation of Startup Law – How technology innovation is being adopted in startup law, dramatically reducing the price of quality early-stage legal services.

The Deflation of Startup Law Continues: Clerky – Fully automated quality early-stage startup legal documents, executed and stored in the cloud, at a 80-90% discount on even the most efficient lawyers.

Integrated Startup Law – Specialists Matter – A description of the complexity involved in serious startup law practice, and what a disruptive approach to it will look like.

When it’s time for your startup lawyer to shut up – When overlawyering from your startup lawyer becomes a problem, and what to do about it.

In Startup Law, Big Can Be Beautiful – There are pluses and minuses to going with law firms of various sizes.

The Cost of Customization – Why deviating from standard/market terms in your contracts can cost a lot more than expected.

The Cost of “Staging” Your Startup Lawyers – Why going with a cheap “starter” lawyer, with plans to upgrade later to a real one, will end up much more expensive than you think.

The Ad-Hoc Law Firm – The ability of small legal practices to connect and scale flexibly is the key to the disruption of BigLaw.


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