Learn The Basics of Startup Law & Finance

There are a lot of legal, financial, and strategic concepts that early-stage startup founders are better-off learning at their own pace and on their own time, instead of paying a lawyer or other advisor to explain them often very inarticulately. Conversations with a startup lawyer are also much more effective when the founder has a solid grasp of these concepts from the beginning.

Below is a curated compilation of what I consider to be the web’s best advice to startup entrepreneurs, which I frequently draw from in counseling my own clients.  To the extent there’s material you think should be on here, please feel free to suggest it via the comments, or reach me on twitter.

SHL – Startup Articles – My Public Evernote Collection

Term Sheet – A Quora board that I’m a frequent contributor to.

Formation Issues

Financing – Fundraising Issues

Equity, Compensation & Hiring Issues

Corporate Governance Issues

Exit Issues

IP Issues

Product – Business Model Issues

Startup Law Practice – Legal Technology

Other Issues – Recommended Reading

Antone Johnson – Legal issues relating to user behavior on your website/network

Steve Blank – Startup Tools


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